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While attending Art Institute with this guy I didn't like him. No seriously I didn't. The talent he had with Adobe Illustrator pissed me off. I was like; "why is he even in this school; he clearly has it down packed".
After I mentioned it to him after a couple months he  humorously laughed; taking it as a joke while I had a serious blank look on my face. 
I had liked how his designs gave me street edge vibe and how unconventional it is. You just never know what he going to design next.
I said to him; "design a t-shirt design for LYFE and what it means to you." This guy.. as usual killed it. The shirt will be for sale on a later date and.... I just might show you the design.
Now let's jump into this interview with Sean.

LYFE: What is your creative venture you do? 
I am a Graphic Designer. specializing in logo design & typography. 

 LYFE: When did you start designing?
I began creating my first couple of pieces around the age of 13 & slowly continued teaching myself new techniques 

LYFE: Did you go to school for design? /was it worth it?
Well yes & no. the first school I attended was Atlanta Technical College in of course Atlanta ga, lol. I studied visual communications. Then sometime after that I began attending the Art Institute of Atlanta-Decatur. There, I would say I discovered exactly what type of designer I was. 

LYFE: Do you think for designers its important to go to school?
SEAN: Honestly I feel like school isn't for everyone. And unfortunately society says that we need diplomas. But truthfully an artists skill is shown

 LYFE: What is your design style and  how did it come to be? 
SEAN: I would describe it as like a sophisticated urban swank, in a sense. lol

 LYFE: Your a freelance graphic designer; is it difficult to get work?
 SEAN: Actually sometimes it is. especially when you're pushing your work on your own. but overall it's all on your determination and drive to get work. but to be real, one thing I hate. (& I think most can agree). is it's unbelievable what people expect to get, & what they expect to pay for it. lol it's crazy. 

LYFE:  Whats your process when your about to create a logo? 
SEAN:  My process though I know it's the taught way of doing things is just hoping on the board (Adobe Illustrator) and just feel it. feel whatever project I'm working on in a sense. 
LYFE: What are currently working on? 
SEAN: At the moment I'm currently working with 2 clothing lines. "Truface Clothing" who I'm helping with a complete revamp of the brand. & "Asset Worldwide" who I'm helping with designing a few pieces. So designs coming soon. 
 LYFE: What are your dreams regarding design? 
SEAN: My dreams lie in one day owning my own company that specialized in not only graphic design but photography, and modeling at a high fashion and high quality level. like the entertain industry. 

 LYFE: Photoshop or Illustrator? Why? 
SEAN: Illustrator, definitely! Because all designers know all graphics start with Illustrator. it's cool feeling like your using the leader of the varies Adobe softwares. lol
LYFE: Any tips for aspiring graphic designers?
SEAN:A tip, hmmm. I say just do your research, study your and hone your craft and BE YOU!
 SEAN:LYFE: What is missing in the design field?
Honestly, I don't think I can say, since I haven't reached that level of the Design industry where I can give good feedback. but I do think it's a little lack of creativity & uniqueness in what I've seen from upcoming designers. 

LYFE: What are some obstacles being a creative?
 SEAN: I feel some obstacles being creative are being creative & finding that uniqueness with their pieces. 

 LYFE:Where can people see your work and contact you? 
SEAN:People can catch some of my pieces with clothing line Asset in the near future. but soon following with Truface. And I also am in the process of getting a new personal website and updated portfolio. so stay tuned. 

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