Friday, April 10, 2015


As my work week comes to an end;I started to analyze myself as a person. During my younger years I've developed being a passive aggressive person. Years ago in middle school I'd confront anyone and everyone who would talk about me. This led to my friends choosing not to share things with me. At that point it hurt my feelings and I changed and became a person who said very little when things were said , at times I wouldn't even defend myself.
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Now as I am learning about myself ; I realized it's a habit I had. Over the past 2 yrs I've become bolder (although I always was). This week showed me I must shed that passive aggressive attitude and speak my mind; if not it will continuously be on my mind. Since I've obtained a job at a corporation; I've learned to stick to what I say and do. I lead by example and handle things to the best of my knowledge. If something is incorrect or someone is false about my actions or words I will correct them.

As I grow I am learning to be unapolgetic about how I feel, growing up I was thought it was wrong to do and say certain things so I put myself in a box and chose to be mute. Nope not anymore, even though my intention is never to offend anyone but that can easily be mistaken by  telling the truth or voicing my opinion. Bottom line is; I'm a person who calls out situations if not correct and will speak my truth. That's what LYFE; is about your truth, your fantasy and dreams.

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