Sunday, July 24, 2016


Nowhis but uh... with the song having a sunday church vibe id like to bring up "Holy Key" recently released of the upcoming album Major Key from Dj Khaled.

With all the current occurrences happening in our communities it hard not to be vocal about it right? Of course not! Big Sean/Kendrick Lamar and{ Betty Wright .. which I've never heard of but sister has some strong vocal chords (inserts claps) } bought us a strong song with chilling lines , just enough to get you thinking with lines such as "police practicing targets with real bodies", "if it adds a couple years of our lives might go vegan" and more. 

Have you listened?CLICK HERE! Overall the song is popping but who you think had the strongest rhyme?.... If you ask me... BIG SEAN!.. in the last line ?? Yea listen for yourself. 

Of course people as a side note; in the midst of the chaotic have a clear mind. level head and meditate during this time and send love and light to our bro and sis during this time cause we have the Holy Key to change the future for generations to come. 

Saturday, June 18, 2016

Juneteenth Atlanta 2016

Yesterday was the first of the 3 day Juneteenth Festival. A festival celebrating the gain of freedom of our ancestors from slavery. July 4th is a celebration America's freedom which has nothing to do with melaninated people. 
LYFE is a vendor at Booth 47 selling organic coconut oil based soaps based out of Lousiana named Bayou Soaps. Also on the sell list is a Jamu stick and eczema oil . 

Yesterday was a rainy day which dampened the day a bit but the host did a good job of lightening the mood with spoken word and performances.  2 more days to go of great like minded people and a family atmosphere. Come down and support from 1-9pm at 643 MLK JR DRIVE ATLANTA GA .

Monday, June 13, 2016

Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Wife & Husband Quit Jobs To Start CURLMIX


Anyone that knows me will testify I am a naturalista when it comes to things of the home , hair etc; meaning I like making everything from scratch. I was looking up a diy on what can I whip together to moisturize my dry hair (still haven't found it yet ) I came across Curlmix . A monthly subscription diy natural hair product mixed with natural ingredients.. I love that. I'm most def not a person who likes products other than my Shea Moisture Conditioner. 

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