Sunday, September 11, 2011

InDesign Project

This week was a stressful week at school there was a 18x24 drawing ,2 Photoshop assignments, and 5 page Essay due ahh! But it all got done and I made an A on all of them so whew glad that's over with. Yesterday was our last class before we take our final next week and we finally worked with INDESIGN!! I was so thrilled because it's the software used to make magazines! So we had to make a movie review article and I was kinda rusty on working with InDesign but I believe I did a good job .I did the review on one of my favorite movies. Can you guess what it was lol ?  


Oswald Reid said...

cool nice review and looks great!!! congrats on ur A as well

Jessica said...

good luck on mid terms!!

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