Sunday, September 11, 2011

Mystery Movie

I was going through some of my posts and in my "Fashion Gone Wrong" post I said stay turned to my next post to see what is  one of my favorite movies was that I couldnt wait to see at Atlantic Station ...well I didnt get to go to Atlantic Station :(  but the this movie I absolutely LOVEEE. When I got my first job as an assistant I immediately went to watch this movie to get an insight what my job could be like with running errands and such. When this movie comes on I don't care if i saw it like 30 times it never gets old. I'd love To work at a magazine or be a creative director or putting editorials together it doesn't matter I would love it all just being at a place of a print publication majority magazines.I have a huge pile of magazines though but I'll post about that another time but back to this wonderful movie. Ever since Princess Diaries I love Anne Hathaway and Meryl Streep played such a classy villian with so few spoke words. The situation Andy is faced with is hard for anyone whos career has skyrocket but losing themselves in the process and The Fashion? Need I say more? I Love !

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