Monday, September 12, 2011

The Art of Getting By

I just watched "The Art Of Getting By". Ok so I'm somewhat confused.George is a senior and he doesn't put any time into school work because he doesn't see the point in doing it and mind you he is really talented.He meets a girl starts to fall in love with her but refuses to let her know because he isn't used to sharing his feelings then his good friend takes the girl from him and he gets hurt so he is back to square one with no one by his side and the possiblity of not graduating.Then he comes to realize he need to get his act together, he then tells Sally that he loves her but it too late because she is gonna travel Europe with his friend that has fallen for her (what a bummer right).. then come to find out she loves him right back and forget about guy she was gonna travel with and goes back to George and see that he drew a painting of her (aww) and the movie ends . Isn't that a great movie? This movie was good though despite  beer being served to them at a resturant and their like 18 lol.I love Emma Roberts in these comin of age stories and the fact they are indie. But overall this a good movie and enjoyed the ups and downs of it.

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