Monday, September 7, 2015

Music Monday: Azizaa :Black Magic Woman

On behalf of @Kemeticarts24 on instagram I discovered this awesome song. The song shows awareness of how western religion has conquered and influenced eastern cultures. What most people fail to understand "black magic " is ancient than any religion. It is a culture. 
The lack of understanding and the stigma of it being "evil" people turned away from it in exchange for the oppressors religion. Yes it is powerful and serious and it can be used for negative and positive purposes. It all has to do with the priest your dealing with and the motive. The power is tapped into from ancestoral energies and the almighty force. Nothing different from religions of today. It just looks "spooky" because of the dealing with dark matter i.e melanin. Makes sense? Yea it can get really deep . Fact of the matter is The artist Azizaa is unapologetic she is a "Black Magic Woman".

Watch below 

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