Saturday, September 5, 2015

"White People" Documentary Talks About Privileges And Discrimination

Interesting documentary on MTV popped up on my feed. Titled "White People" narrated by Jose Vargas. An documentary to open conversation with the white community. The documentary had shed light on their view points from privileges to opinions of other cultures around them. 

Watching doesn't change my perspective of caucasians; actually it proved them to be accurate. For example; while at the dinner table in a scene the word "ghetto" is bought up and how white people are shallow/ two faced.... I've seen my dose of this in my reality. 

My opinion on white people; You have some cool people due to evolution of mixing with other cultures or upbringing and some you have to watch due to programming, history and genetics. I don't hate them but I am aware of my history as a melaninated being. Not only being enslaved and taken from our native lands as well stole our history, changed it and deeming Yoruba (Voodun) (our original spiritual practice not religion) as demonic and many other things. 

I understand we are all spirits living a human experience and I deal with everyone as an individual but I won't forget the cause and effects of our history. Enough of my ramble.. watch it for yourself 

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