Friday, May 22, 2015

Spiritual Silence

For the past month or so I've been going through a transition in my life. A spiritual transition. It started with my hair tingling and sensing a strong vibe of preparation needs to be done. Continuously I'd feel this to the point of becoming emotional because not understanding what was happening. 
I've had this screensaver for a month prior via never knew it would apply to my life so soon.

I'd seek answers from outside myself; when the answer was inside. Two years ago I left religion and my whole environment in exchange for a new one (law of equivalent exchange). Around the time of my transition I was experiencing the same feeling as I currently did. After receiving signs,dreams and messages; the realization of a spiritual awakening was about to happen....again. As if the one I had 2 years ago wasn't dramatic and challenging itself lol.

During this transition I've become more intuitive of people, my surrounding and my dreams. This was something which was scary to me. I haven't felt completely spiritually strong since leaving the christian ministry. Abilities such as deep intuition, native tongues (speaking in tongues) and prophetic readings I believed I couldn't take with me of my new journey so I reduced it. 

During my down time a epiphany came to me.All the prior abilities within me are for me and I shouldn't run from them. There's a reason for its existence in my life. I shall embrace them in addition to new things. 

Things such as astrology, numerology, tarot, reading , crystals and ancient Kemetic studies are all ancient which now I study. Topics which were all known before any religion. It was the science and the awareness of the Almighty presence (God) beings used in life. Not just one. All of these things are one. 

I've been hesitant to share my growth with others because I care about opinions. Why? Because we were all conditioned to do so. Well let me re introduce myself;My name is Natasha D. Foster. A renounced christian, a melinated being, a spiritual awakener, a wife, a healer, a counselor, a, and  spiritual being living a human experience. and so much more. Yes, I study and apply ancient studies to my life and a seeker of truth not belief. If this makes me "wrong" then ohk. We all have bigger things to worry about on this earth than one's belief. 

Whether in a another life or here we are all connected in some way. We are one, we are all. My spiritual silence has been broken and I thank current people in my life for this and Briana from AWAKEALIVEAWARE via instagram for her Tarot reading for the 2nd year. 

 More articles on these topics and my journey are underway. After all this is all part of me Living My Fantasy Everyday.


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