Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Creative Tuesday: Firehawk Yoga

Over the weekend I had the pleasure of participating in a yoga class. Not just any yoga class but a Kemetic Yoga class with instructor and owner of Firehawk Yoga; Ona Hawk. Ona specializes in an ancient practice of yoga called Kemetic yoga. "Kemetic Yoga is a restorative practice that promotes the philosophy and spiritual science of our ancestors. This system of higher knowledge that originates from Kemet (Ancient Egypt) is unique in its postures, principles and its method which incorporates the breath with movement ".

The outdoor session took place in the historic district on the West End in Atlanta, Georgia. 
The venue itself is a hidden gem with spacious surroundings with a peaceful scenery of the city in the distance. Such a sense of simplicity came over me as I viewed our instructor and participants pick from a nearby fruit tree. 

As we started our practice we were taught breathing techniques to help the flow in and out of poses. For me this was a challenge considering the fact I had just broke the habit of breathing orally. Following after I became acclimated with stretching my hips to the point of sweating profusely from the beaming Sun above us. Ona; our instructor was down to earth and willing to guide me through the process. 

Overall this experience was exciting,informative and peaceful. I loved the vibes of all the individuals as we were conversing on different topics. Truly a wonderful experience which I thank Spirit for this journey I am on and finding Firehawk Yoga. 

Learn more about Firehawk Yoga and Ona vi.a Instagram/ Tumblr.

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