Monday, June 16, 2014

Can Fruit Infused Water Help Weight Loss?

The other day while strolling on Pinterest (view my boards here); I came across fruit infused water. It's cut fruit placed in a jar/bottle, water added and sit for 30 minutes to an 1hr. The many combinations of fruits added brings out a certain benefit + detox. My first combination of fruit was strawberry, lime and cinnamon (as seen on my instagram 'LIVEURFANTASY'). Well, cinnamon wasn't originally apart of it of first, but I added it because it contributes to fat burning. 

I let it sit for a couple of hours. Then bottoms up.The taste wasn't satisfying but it was tolerable but I felt a difference in my body. Then the question came to me; "What's the difference between blending and fruit infused water? Well, I researched it and the people over at "FoodSpellsLOVE"  answered my question.

Health Benefits of Infusing Water:

1. Hydration. Drinking plain water is pretty boring for some. Infusing fruits into your water can make drinking water a little more fun! The more you drink, the better hydrated your body will be.

2. Detoxification. The water and the fruit in infused water work together to cleanse your body of toxic buildup. This will also give your immune system a little boost from any toxins that were working against it.
3. Less Sugar. Infused water has no additive sugars like sodas, and juices. The sugar in the water comes naturally from the fruit or herbs you put inside. Perfect for those who are watching their sugar intake!
4. More Nutrition. Infused Water has many more nutrients inside that regular water! Because you include the rinds and peels of fruits in the water, you reap the benefits of the high levels of antioxidants and nutrients in the peels.

Then with Blending....
Health Benefits of Blending:
1. Curbs Appetite. Blending whole fruits and vegetables keeps all of the fiber in the drink, the makings for a thick smoothie. Smoothies fill you up easier than juices will, leaving you not hungry longer.
2. Less Fat Conversion. When you eat whole foods it takes us longer for our bodies to digest, giving our digestive systems more time to rid our bodies of unnecessary fats and oils.
3. Slow Even Nutrient Digestion. The thicker the smoothie is, the slower the nutrients will be released into our bloodstream which won’t cause an unnecessary spike in your energy or blood sugar.
4. Fiber. Blended smoothies provide a wonderful source fiber, and fiber helps regulate the digestive tract by ridding our bodies of toxins.
So there you have it! Fruit Infused Water is best but blending for me great too. I want to detox my body more so this is a great idea added to my regimen. Check out more Fruit Infused Water Recipes here. Also this article gives you more benefits on Infused Water and tips for water intake.


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