Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Why The Man Is The New Woman

The famous"Call Me Maybe" song has caught the attention from everyone. The recent video I seen for a very short moment had me shaking my head. 
On the left females singing the song and the other side the males were displaying femininity. I had to stop the video. What happened to our males? 
Hey, this isn't to bash the homosexual community in any sense just to throw it out there.
The role of a man to be the king to the queen. He is to be the protector, and provider. The rock to hold up the woman. How can he carry out his purpose as a man while busy taking on the female's traits ?
Some of the reasons males grow to be feminine is
the food eaten when younger and now such as (gmo/similac) believe it or not. Some foods also have estrogen(a women chemical) in them. Things watched on tv sends a subliminal messages to the brain to do certain things. Also life experiences and many more. 
Let me also break own other signs a dude is being feminine. If a guy gossips more than a girl, starts fights easily, can be easily manipulated, making irrational decisions ..all feminine.
If these things aren't corrected from the womb of the mother and during chilhood; how can a boy grow into a strong man?
You know what? That's the reason the women are saying "I'm independent" "I don't need a man" yeah because she isn't seeing a man to take care of her or step up so she is forced to do it on her own.
Males! Please come back to your roots with the queen. 
I'm sure the video was done in pure fun but no.. i can't
Take a look below.

Ohk I'm done with my rant. Good day yall.

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