Wednesday, March 19, 2014

The Wife and The Girlfriend

Have you ever been submissive in your relationships? I know I haven't. What woman have you seen who has let her boyfriend have the last say in a argument or decision to be made? I know I haven't. Often women in today's society are probably influenced by the inappropriate acts from "women" in TV shows i.e Love And Hip-Hop. Ohk maybe it isn't just because of TV but of past relationships...etc. 
Often times I see a woman cussing her other half out and it turns into him disrespecting her and so on. Then it becomes a toxic relationship based of irrational actions. Aren't we supposed to be treating each other like the Kings and Queens we are. I'm not saying 

a female is too completely bow down to her man.As a woman made with a soft side we should use it  to reason instead of a harsh tongue that can be used to "win a argument". Think about the situation before retaliation, choose words wisely and speak with calmness. 
Being a wife now I deeply think about I say instead of blurting out what's on my mind. Just for the mere fact it wasn't gonna be nice and just out of the  respect I have for my husband. We can speak our minds because we are opinionated creatures but do it in a smart way. 

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