Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Suddenly Lupita Nyong'o is..

Why is it now "people" are hyping dark completed  women to be beautiful particularly Lupita Nyong'O? Darn it; we were always beautiful! It's our mindset that has trapped us into thinking we are less than. Images has programmed us to gravitate towards "lighter" things. 

 I recently had watched the award winning movie "12 Years A Slave" shows the the trials and tribulations of melaninated people. From those years of brain washing; most of us think of ourselves as a low group of people.This not so.Many years ago we were Queens and seen as brave, and strong. What happened? 
We stopped thinking for ourselves and started accepting what was said and done to us.

I have started putting a stop to this recognizing who I AM.Which is  dark skinned woman who recognizes she is beautiful strong, courageous and not the Russian names given to me.  A woman who is not defined nor by the ethnicity others want to assign to me. A leader, natural "wombman" that knows,trust,love,value,nurture and honors thyself.
 Wake up and be free.Do you know who you are?

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