Saturday, March 15, 2014

Journey To LYFE

Sheesh! It's been a while huh? A whole 5 months actually. Life has been crazy but good these past few months. Situations had risen such as an car accident that nearly took my life, got married and much more. Relationships were made and some were broken. Hey its apart of life right? 

When I think of  what L.Y.F.E. stands for; it continually reminds me to work towards living my fantasy everyday.  My journey towards it never ceases and thus far it required me to make big decisions and push past my fears and trust in my instinct and dive head first. 

Living Your Fantasy Everyday is a lifestyle and I will be putting my personal journey to reaching my dreams in type for you read and hopefully for anyone reading this to be inspired by my life  and content I provide here. I guess I'll be pouring out my life stories here..sounds like a reality series huh? Welp this is my Journey To LYFE.

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