Thursday, April 4, 2013

Hate If We Want Too But

Tyler Perry's "Tempation" came out last week on March 29th.  Boy I tell you many people was raving about it! Saying how great it was and it should be the movie of the year etc.  
According to Mr.Tyler Perry didn't get such great reviews frrom critics. Comments  were bashing his writing skills. 
Before I had seen the movie and from some of his other projects I wasn't a big fan as I used to be.
He had great stories but where was God at in movies such as "The Family That Preys" and Daddy's Little Girls? After many tempting previews I saw the movie. Surprisingly he did have religious aspects in it. Pleased with this and how no sex scene was filmed. Although I personally didn't like the ending the story was written well and gave me laughs and gasps.

Bottom line we can hate if we want to but this man made 22.3 million in a week. I know he laughing to the bank. (money noise) 

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Anonymous said...

I loved the movie. Its very intense but it teaches a lesson in a way. It was similar to the play that Tyler did, but it was twisted just a little to get the point across. But in the end it all came together and became a great movie.

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