Friday, April 5, 2013


About sometime last week I shared about attending Praise 102.5 Exodus concert. Something Tye Tribbett had shared with us had stuck with me. In life we make sacrifices. Not because we want to but cause we have too. A sacrifice is something that is dear to you or seen as important. Therefore when you  start to cut it off you'd want to refrain from doing without it. 
In the old testament people had to give animals as sacrifices because of their sins they have committed. When killing an animal  it would make noise. When you  are getting rid or giving something up in your life; maybe a relationship, Facebook or even sexual urges. It won't just go quietly it must make some type of noise as a symbol it is dying. With a relationship the noise could be " oh baby I love you, what I did was a mistake bleh bleh or with urges " you know want to do this". 
When you finally kill it; the thing doesn't make noise anymore; there is silence. The point is sacrifices makes noises before they are killed. Hope this made sense and has inspired you to get rid of what is hindering you in your spiritual and physical life.

On that note since this inspiration came from Tye Tribbett take a listen to his new song Same God by the way I have been playing it for the past two days(it's that good). 

Happy Friday. God Bless.

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