Thursday, April 4, 2013

Now In My Hair Journey

Ohk, people I've been on hush mode about my natural hair journey for quite a while welp let me update you. I've been transitioning for a year and four months. Two weeks ago I decided to "big chop" and cut 5 inches of hair myself!! Yes, that is a least I believe so. Mind you I am not a hairstylist.
The next morning I was in shock of what I had done to my hair. I still had a big fro; it was just smaller and easier to handle; so I thought. My hair is so thick I was overwhelmed with it and went and got a weave out of frustration. Instead of taking the time to learn new hair; I panicked. Which this shouldn't be. Going natural is about embracing your thick, coily, kinky hair. That is not I had did. No my hair isn't one inch long but it shorter than what im used too and  now I have to take time to learn my hair. That's one of the goals about being natural. 
Keep scrolling for what I cut off.

I did take photos but they eventually were erased but if you follow me on Instagram (liveurfantasy) you'll see my panic mode weaved up hairstyle. Also the photos in this post are pictures of what I had cut off and also what hair range my hair is right now.

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