Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Interview/The Big October

 When I discovered "The Big October , I knew a interview had to happen. Their clothing design along with photography and graphic design skills; this brand is one not to sleep on. Get to know them a little more will ya.
LYFE:What is "The Big October"?
TBO:Creativity, intelligence, and positivity from two dope fellas.
LYFE:What does it consists of ?
TBO:TBO consists of clothing, photography, film, graphic art
LYFE:How did the brand come along?
TBO:My partner Josh Brown and I were sick of working for other people and decided to create something for ourselves and also help others branch out their ideas to and also make money.

LYFE:Why the name "The Big October"
TBO:We were both born in October and we both have big ideas.
LYFE:What does the brand specialize in? 
TBO:Creative freedom
LYFE:Sekou; being the manager how do you go about selecting opportunities for
the brand?
TBO:Basically if it's not dope to me or the team then no move is made. I try to look at our brand from an outside perspective. If I see certain brands in certain stores I won't where it so I know if our brand is in that same position than nobody else will. I make sure we stay true to our core values and not thrive off of hype.
LYFE:Within the brand other than clothing what does your brand do?
TBO:We do photography and digital cinematography. We are working on a magazine and comic book.
LYFE:What are your inspirations when it comes to designing and the brand as a
TBO:Comedy is a major inspiration. We're always cracking jokes or laughing that's why we keep such a good vibe over here which shows through our work.
LYFE:What's next for your brand?
TBO:Collabs with some major brands.
LYFE:Promoting is a big part in a business; Your brand has stickers, buttons
and etc. What is your system for using these as promotion?
TBO:We blasts these all over the ATL to make our stamp on the city.
LYFE:What was your first step making your ideas come to life?
TBO:Writing them down. It really helps to actually see your thoughts on paper and once that is done you visualize your words and ideas coming to life EVERYDAY until it happens.
LYFE:Advice for anyone who would want to break into a t-shirt line?
TBO:If you think your ideas are dope then don't wait start now. Feed your body and brain well to help you deal with the stress and negativity. Also have your mind in a positive state no matter what. I'm not saying to put on a fake face but don't start panicking or doubting yourself when things go the way you didn't plan. It is suppose to happen like that, that's how you learn to be better.

 Thank You to The Big October for doing an interview with LYFE! Check out their site, twitter, and flickr!!

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