Monday, December 10, 2012

Please Tell Me

 So I want to does all these fashion bloggers have time to take pictures evryday also make sure outfits don't repeat and still have great looking outfits without a reader sayin .."Hold up homegirl wore those last week" yea I tried it and yea my stuff did repeat unlike a lot of girls I don't have like 30 pairs of shoes I can just toss on for a shoot evry other day , plus always having a person to shoot me and me not get on their nerves? Yea I just don't really quite get it. Don't get me wrong I have clothing I can wear just not to have a photoshoot  often, idk maybe I can whip some thing together  but eh.. This question came from me lookin at Chocolate Laced, by all means don't get it reversed this girl has cool style and diggin it ;i just wonder how style bloggers do it . here's some photos from her blog chk em out.

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