Thursday, December 6, 2012


Yes I know I've been mia for a bit of a while. My job gets time consuming and by the time I get home my feet hurt and just want to crash, but I have  to do better yes I know. My mom told me if I get a job things are going to lack and I was like pshhh watev but it came true :/ .. I gotta do better , posting ahead of time maybe.
Things have been a bit hectic over here. I trying to get things situated FOR A HUGE project I am tryin to launch hopefully in january. I am such a make it happen right now type of person so  but yea life isn't that way at all. Sit and be patient my inner thoughts tells me but grrr im just not patient , yea something I gots to work on. So this is like my apology in a way for being ghost. . Welp enough of that.. hey have a good thursday ok cool :)

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