Monday, November 5, 2012

Interview /Young Nova

The first time I saw Young Nova was at the Clayton State Decade of Fashion Show. He had a great sense of style which caught my attention. He wore a black button down shirt with a camo bowtie and fitted cap skinny jeans and jordans yes I remember ( not in a stalker way) but it was pretty dope so I decided to give him a listen. Then I said to myself hmm dude is pretty decent and wrote down his twitter, commended him on his performance. Some days after we made this photo shoot happen. Nova is cool dude who is driven and passionate about his craft. No Slacking going on on his end.He even gave me a exclusive track just for yall to listen too as a treat. Take a listen after the interview and follow him too of course.

LYFE:How did the name Young Nova come along?
NOVA: I stumbled upon the word Nova in the dictionary when I was looking up rap names, and I noticed it meant A star that suddenly becomes much brighter and gradually returns to its original brightness and I believe that describes me.

LYFE:Why did you choose rap out of other creative ventures?
NOVA: I chose rap because out of all the outlets I use to express myself Hip-Hop is what I love to do the most and I like the challenge of coming up with clever and creative metaphors and flows and that is always fun.Plus I'm pretty good at it,If I say so kidding.Music is also one of the biggest platforms there is to touch the masses and get a message out.
LYFE:Was there a times when you wanted to give up or was discouraged?
NOVA: There were a lot of times when I felt discouraged dealing with phony promoters, People leaving the group, Manager going M.I.A, Taking meetings where the label wants me to sacrifice everything I stand for,for a contract but I never thought of quitting because this is what I'm meant to do and with that being said I can't let little detours stop me from reaching my destination.

LYFE:What was your process to start making your dream come true?
NOVA: My process was first finding myself as an artist and creating the music that represented me.Then finding a core demographic of people who would support the type of music I make.Then networking with all types of people such as "other artist,bloggers,Dj's,Photographers,Models,Dancers,Managers,Fashion designers,Etc" to keep me in the loop as far as events and opportunities go.Last but not least I work really hard.
LYFE:You are apart of a team called ICLUB, what is it and how did it come about?
NOVA: iClub is a network for people to succeed in there careers. @CavMclaren came up with iClub (which stands for International Club) because we were two separate groups working together and it was hard explaining that to labels,managers,and fans so we formed one group which was iClub to cut down on all the confusion.

LYFE:What is your fashion style? NOVA: My style is clean yet flashy because I keep it pretty simple but still manage to capture a lot of attention and standout in a crowd.

LYFE:What is a must have in Nova's wardrobe?
NOVA: Skinny Jeans, Jordan's (All I wear is Jordan's, 1-23 we don't do Team Jordan's or Jumpman's), accessories (Watches,Rings,Necklaces,Hats and I have this Cheetah Rag I hang from my back pocket).

LYFE:What is your goal within the next  2 years
NOVA: In 2 years I see myself as one of the top artist in the game, and also making a way for artist in my circle and hometown of Buffalo New York to be heard on not only a national scale but an international one as well. 

LYFE:What guidelines would you give to someone who is trying to make it into the game?
NOVA: Stay humble,Hungry and work hard, also never doubt yourself.

Thanks Young Nova for doing this interview :)
Now check out the video little I put together for his song;Can't Be Done!!

(And more photos after the jump)

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