Thursday, November 1, 2012

3 Shades Of Nicole: Part 2

Are you ready for part two? Did you enjoy part one? Now here comes another rolling your way. This time we shot in a awesome tunnel Nicole took me too and I fell in love with it instantly. It reminded me of New York so much. Prayers goes out to all who were effected during the hurricane. 
Now here is more photos and questions to fill your appetite. :) Enjoy! 

LYFE:What inspired this look? 
NICOLE:I was inspired by my hipster side of my style. I can rock out some studs and heavy mascara any day.

LYFE: What side of you does this represent?

NICOLE: The side of me this look represents is the rebellious side. I am very (even in a corporate setting) best believe my undergarments are some Madonna/Prince straps and leather.
LYFE:Did you make these shorts yourself?
NICOLE: I make deconstructed or "Re"contructed denim, from jeans (I started doing in high school) to shorts or any type of clothing. I'll do it up.

Is this a business venture? 
NICOLE:My clothing is my business venture along with my jewelry Nik_Gold Designs. If people love what I make why not sell the best most unique things I love and make a brand for the world to enjoy.
LYFE:What is your advice for putting outfits together?
NICOLE:Don't think to hard about what to wear. I can immediately tell when people try too hard... Most times I have no idea what I am wearing until the morning of, then it just comes to me and I dress! 

See her blog and site! Plus See more pictures on my blog's fb page


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