Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Thinkin Real Hard

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Oh ok I was really thinking if I should make a post about my personal life. Welp oh well I found some inspiration on Funky Fashion Junky and she was talking about her experience of being a intern at a LA showroom and it made me think about my life experiences and such. 
So I am going to take the emotions I wear on this sleeve and put it in type. Soo I have this huge dream of being successful; (like who doesn't) but no idea where to start. Recently came up with a idea for a business venture and went forward and start it and came to a road block and I flipping got discouraged and slick wanted to cry and had a talk with the Lord like yo idk what to do. 
Then a thought came to me while watching the Nicki Minaj: My truth which was "just look for another way to make it happen and don't doubt yourself" but I couldn't help but still think of the situation how I might as well not start a business if it isn't gonna stay open. But it's funny how God gives a solution but still bother ourselves about it like it hasn't been solved. That's where faith comes in and leave it to God cause I wanna make this happen and this dream is too big to simmer down...frying pan lol.


Anonymous said...

I love blog post's like this, It makes readers feel way closer to you. Like they know you depth now. Great Post. Hope to see more.

Love Ya!
God Bless.

Anonymous said...

I love blog post like these. It makes the reader feel way closer to you, like they know you in depth now. Great Post. Hope to see more.

God Bless!

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