Thursday, November 8, 2012

3 Shades Of Nicole :Pt 3

 Did you enjoy part 1&2 of Shades of Nicole? Have you seen them though? Well we got  great shots , you can see them on my flickr in the photoshooots tab. Well here is the final portion of it and here we go.

LYFE:How would you describe this outfit 
NICOLE:I would describe this as eccentric seductive. The cropped leather jacket is edgy and unique while the lime green number is a definite stand out piece to break the necks of males and females.

 LYFE:What side of you does this display ?
NICOLE:This displays the seductive lady side. My goodies aren't out and I can be alluring without slutty. Every female should contain that power.

LYFE:You take fierce and fun photos. Are you a model?
NICOLE:I am a model. I was going to be like no... lol but yes I went to modeling "school" training and was with a couple of agencies in New York. I now freelance and print. I adore runway though, I'll out walk any drag (3 snaps and a twirl)

LYFE:Throughout the photo-shoots you're wearing unique shoes.Who are they by?
NICOLE:My shoes are from "Heels and Handbags" in East Atlanta Village, stop by! The atmosphere and shoe collection is boss.

LYFE:What is your goal you'd like to achieve 
pertaining to fashion?
NICOLE:When it comes to fashion I want to do everything from designing and styling to journalism. I have a lot of goals and will be conquering them all! Stay tuned in.


 Thanks to Nicole for doing "3 Shades" and for awesome awesome style to be shot :)

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