Monday, October 22, 2012

3 Shades Of Nicole:Eclectic Pop

Do you remember Nicole? We paired up to do this segment called 3 Shades of Nicole. It's where we would shoot 3 looks and it would show 3 different sides of her. Each week I'll post a side of her.Also Q&A's to get to know her more. Cool right? When I met up with her at Little 5 Points I loved her outfit from the start and can tell it was going to be a fun experience. We found an awesome graffiti wall that captured us. From the first shot I loved the shoot already. I was quite skeptical of it being shot at night but it turned out great;so great I wouldn't mind doing my shoots at night. Well enough of the blah talk take a look see these photos and answers yea? Also see rest of the photos here and more after the jump

LYFE:What inspires your style?
My style is influenced by my background (from New York, Guyanese mother and Nigerian father). I've went through different phases of inspiration for my style and now it's more refined, effortless and easily adaptive. People always assume I am from California or New York.
LYFE:If you had to sum up the style of this outfit what would it be?
Summing up my outfit I would describe it as Eclectic Pop! Its a bit funky with the hi-low see through top that I customized.

Then I paired with one of my favorite floral skirts which I layered with a tutu type skirt underneath. You can't forget 
the thigh highs, cute straw hat, killer yellow shoes and Nik_Gold Accessories! It's different fun, fashion forward and a little Japanese Anime.
LYFE:Where do you find your inspiration for your style?
NICOLE:I find inspiration for my style everywhere. From walking through the city streets, on the internet browsing or just something out
that catches my eye including patterns, art, colors and sometimes just a vibe or aura I receive.

LYFE:What are must haves in Nicole's closet?
Some must haves in my closest are heels, (I have over 50 pair and growing) I have to have the best fitting pair of jeans (I may not wear jeans a lot but having a great pair is essential) Also a stylish blazer or jacket like my moto crop jacket I bought from Karmaloop a couple of years ago and it's still rocking.

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she's really pretty and these are some really good shots

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