Monday, June 18, 2012

Me Style/5

It's Monday evryone. Welcome back to another week of work, school or just chillaxing. For me its chillax, work and of course blogging! Awesome :). This week I have some neat things to show you including a cute Style Stopper. But right now here is a Me Style. Remember when I told you last week  I had an interview? Well they said come dressed with your personal style so I had came up with a crazy outfit.(.I shall not show lol )but my good friends where like no you can't wear that so they helped me out to come up with something different. I love them they are lifesavers but yup this is the outfit that saved the day. I like how the maxi dress flowed on me which I think I'm going to get more of; they are so comfortable and the  the jacket was a cool accent.


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