Friday, June 15, 2012

Cool News

So.. I have cool new to share with you guys.After being hungry to get my foot in the door and gain fashion experience in a clothing store, anything that pertains to fashion or my field...mostly fashion :) . My awesome teacher I had this quarter Mr. Dempski had referred me to an internship at Fearless Weirdos Clothing store at Lil Five Points in Atlanta. I love the city reminds me of New York with people walking evrywhere, getting a slice of pizza..etc.. any so The manager interviewed me and I.... got the internship!! Oh yea I was seriously happy. Thursday was my second day there and the people are cool laid back. Of course I love the clothes there; I gasped at the records on the floor and the ripped out editorial papers on the wall in the dressing room. I know your like Natasha what are you talking about. Well you will see soon. You know I had to add the place to one of my Cool Places right? Plus I want to express a HUGEEEE Thank You to all my readers you guys are allowing me to soon reach 10,000 goal for my year anniversary of this blog.  Thanks for continuously checking here for inspiration or just seeing what I have to say. Appreciate it bunches. Enjoy your weekend. Much Love.
this quote is so true!

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