Saturday, December 10, 2011

Events / Holiday Bazaar

The Holiday Season is in session  therefore what's  a better way to celebrate it than going to the Holiday Bazaar at Art Institute of Atlanta-Decatur. I must tell you my goodness fabulous things being sold. I just wanted to order a bit of everything  that caught my eye. Let me introduce you.

Ms. Mary Mac
Owner: Mary and Sequandra  (assisstant) ( Oh my her shoe designs are just impeccable & guess what?.. you get to design them :) See Her Website & Twitter.

Next Up:
Stella & Dot
Stylist: Mary Kay & Yvonne Phillips.
 Stella & Dot is a jewelry company that allows a person to sell fine jewelry. What caught my eyes was  how wonderful  and sparkly the pieces are. Come on what girl wouldn't to be lavished in jewelry See More Here.Want some sparkle fine pieces? Contact me and I'll connect you with Mary Kay & Yvonne Phillips.

& To top it all off
Representative: Marijane
These pieces of jewelry is completely made out of sterling silver, really worth the buck. See More. Wanna contact Marijane? Send me a email :)

      This event was a great way for business owners to get out there and show what they are working with. Do you have a business? or  planning on having one? No matter what continue to strive to make your dreams come true.
 this wraps up  The Holiday Bazaar 2011 :)


Oswald Reid said...

interesting stuff over there and nice colors!

kent Shipman said...

Grls have so many different styles n colors to choose from

Natalie Koltunovskaya said...

I like colorful funny shoes!))

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