Friday, November 4, 2011

Style Stopper/ 9

You Would think this gentleman is dressed up for an occasion. Answer is no. He dresses like this most of the time. Do you see the blazer, with velvet vest and the checkered shirt? He coordinates colors and patterns very well I might add.  I just love his prep style.
Next gentleman in line is a classmate of mine who draws very well (just a random thought) , now lets talk about his style shall we?His style is a laid back urban.
Have you ever seen a person that has simple pieces on but the look comes out so well? Yea well he is that guy, he wore a v-neck with a classic cardigan it looks great like he came from an editorial shoot. What do you think?

Final man in line outfit is simple and cool. The trench and scarf brings the outfit together,and no one can never go wrong with a classic pair of Chuck's.


Chi Jessica said...


Clara Turbay said...

I like what you post today.
i´d apreciate if you have time check out my blog. and share some comments!

Jeeda said...

Great post! I love it...all of the young men have swagger up the wazoooo and if the cologne is on point too....;)

Audrey said...

They are very stylish! love this photos!


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