Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Cool Places / No. 246

No.246 is located in Downtown Decatur. The setting is laid back, the staff is friendly, and have a great genre of music playing while you dine.
Since I started AI I've past No.246 resturant a couple of times and loved it the moment  I saw the setting from outside therefore it was a must to show my readers.
Also I loved how this place is decorated, the lights , the lightly expose brick in the back , the shelves, tables fans. It has a contemporary and chic look, everything in here I just love. See more for yourself below.

Thanks for reading!



ozzy said...

I like how it looks! a great background and everything. i think i would go here if i had the opportunity

Lauren said...

Nice, so when are you taking me to eat there? LOL j/k

Jeeda said...

Looks like a nice "lax" place to wine and dine;) Love the content of your blog...following on bloglovin.

Clara Turbay said...

You did a great job in this post.
i hope you have time to check out my blog and share some comments.

t said...

Looks nice!

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