Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Blooming Flower

This here is Flower, I met her when I was taking random photos for my blog and saw she has great style
 She is a model and a mentor and does fab makeup by the way. You wanna see? stay tuned next week to see the work she will do on me.
ANNOUNCEMENT: If your a model in Ga and interested any of Aleta FASHION SHOWS for her modeling agency  contact her at asaflower4@yahoo.com asap :)
Here is a bit what she is about.

NEED MOTIVATION? NEED SUPPORT, NEED ENCOURAGMENT? JOIN THE FAN PAGE: It’s Your Time" created by Aleta Allen AKA Flower. She produced this web page to simply entertain you with the gifts that God has given her to help you. Also to support you with becoming motivated, encouraged, determined, and happy with who you are, what you want to pursue and walking in purpose.
Aleta Allen believes and kno...ws that it’s not just about existing in life but truly living your life abundantly! Sometimes it can be hard to find our way in life and we can get stuck. But there is always a chance to live a better life starting TODAY by having “It’s Your Time” web page to comfort you as your grow into the person you are becoming!

“It’s Your Time” web page PROVIDES:

• Motivation quotes every day.

•Inspiration video once a week

• Prayer circle every Friday by 10pm Submit prayers. Which means if you have any pray request submit them to “It’s Your Time” wall page, if it is a personal pray request send it to: asaflower4@yahoo.com, by 10pm every Friday. Once prayers are received after 10pm, there will be an empire of prayer taken place. For we must believe that if theirs much pray there’s MUCH POWER!

•Aleta Allen has poetry and speeches you can read to benefit you and attract you’re interested on different topics!

•Need any advice regarding a situation you’re facing?? Send a comment to “It’s Your Time” on the wall or if personal send an email to asaflower4@yahoo.com and Aleta Allen will personally send you back and counsel you with your situation!

•We also will have great events taken place that you can attend to and don’t want to miss!

Any questions please send a message to “It’s Your Time” and we will respond a.s.a.p.
Thank You! God Bless!

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