Tuesday, October 18, 2011


Hello Readers,
I wanted to share something with you. This blog is about inspiring you to pursue your dreams and working at it EVRYDAY.
We all go through one thing or another sometimes you just need a inspiration.That being said..When you see a post of a big heart it means a daily inspiration will be given to help you reach that goal.
Title is called.. 
Have you ever been stressed AND don't know how to deal with it?
Think about what makes you happy.Block out everything your stressing about.
 It helps me to be myself  blog or listen to music.  What ever is it do it positively and take your deep breath.(It helps)

On the side note I met Troy when I was at the Decatur  Square here, he had lovely things say when we were conversing. I thought the devotionals he typed out were cool,so today I'm going to share one with you.
  • Even though Pilate was King and could free Jesus,did Jesus answer him everytime?

What I gathered from this is there are people who believe they have power over you ,but a person should stand firm and know who they are in Christ.

Thanks to Troy for letting me use this devotional. You can reach him here 
hope you enjoyed it
Thanks for Reading.

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ozzy said...

i completely agree about the stress idea and sometimes you have to block out stress and do things you love! That's a great answer he gave to you!

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