Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Style Stopper/ 6

I would say this is a urbanized classy look.
Love evrything about her outfit.The purse and the scarf addes it own personal flair to the whole outfit.

I felt like Rachel Zoe trying on her whole closet to get this outfit. I wanted something that was bold and had a print. Knowing my wardobe it wasnt going to be easy because I like simple things. But I found my cute top staring right in my face. I didn't want to wear jeans so I paired it with a dress ..ooo bet u didn't know that with stockings and a boots to tone it down a little bit without it looking like I was going to church .. which gives me a transition to my next sentence. I wanted an outfit that I could go from school to church that evening and this outfit did it.#Swagg lol
Thanks for Reading :)


tessa said...

love it!

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Anonymous said...

i LOVE plushgun! thank you for appreciating my music ^_^" and it's so funny.. When i looked at the pictures where you said you felt like Rachel Zoe trying on her whole closet to get that outfit.. it seems like we have the same problem lol! great post!


thesecondface said...

Thanks for your super sweet comment :))

Nina said...

love both outfits! very stylish:)

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