Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Does Anyone "Believe" Anymore ?

Here's a question for you? What is your belief? Christian? Baptist ? "Atheist"? For the past three years I've  noticed people just doing their own thing when it comes to spiritual beliefs, practices and thoughts. It's like the christian population is dying down and people are just getting down with the so called "New Age " ways. If you don't know what that is it entails psychic reading, chakras, pyramids, basically Consciousness. Conscious of what you ask? Conscious of your own being and who and what is in this universe we live in. 

As for me , sometimes I try to find a balance of how I feel and my thoughts of the things I've learned since leaving the nest of my parents. I was once a youth pastor ( seem so long ago ) singing praises to the Lord every Sunday. Then my perspectives had changed. Sometimes I reminisce of those times and how I felt spirituality. Lets just say life is pretty different when you now know there isn't a mysterious man in the sky judging you; or am I being judged?  By whom ? hmm (too deep for y'all lol ). Share your thoughts on this and how you believe the world today looks at religion or belief as the whole . 
Take a peek at shameless maya and her perspective , which sparked this article .

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