Monday, February 8, 2016

Your thoughts .Your Reality

What are you afraid of? Criticism? Losing your supporters? If living unapologetically is the outcome then so be it. I fight with myself daily of all the things I want to be doing with my life or rather be doing in that moment. In my true essence all I want to do is service the community, do yoga and be in my spirituality. But its hard to do that when you have limitations on yourself not allowing yourself to be just that. Recently I moved into a house and today is my first day really being alone with my thoughts and boy they were talking to me.

Let me honest with myself and you. Opinions really matter to me from parents to my life partner to the slightest people because I always want to seem "perfect". Im not! We all are not! Should I apologize for it? Should I apologize for my realization I'm bi- sexual? Should I be apologetic because its not what I "should be"?  Does it make me less connected to the source? As I was journalling my higher self was telling me ultimately JUST BE!! and stop holding myself captive in my mind. Live your truth people !! live!!

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