Saturday, January 16, 2016

A Stolen Culture & The Price You Pay For It

People my dear people do you think this is flattering or culture vulture activity going on here? Nike is soon to release a black history line January 18th (thank you Saint Heron for the informational article). The line is to appreciate the melanated stars who have contributed to sports through out the years. 

Their form of appreciation is showing and selling is kente cloth sneakers and gear. If that didn't seem redundant to you let me put it in another way.The general public is to be sold  colorful sneakers with dark undertones and patterns resembling the black culture and passing it you the customer; to buy expensive gear because you are acknowledging black history.

But wait there is more..Valentino released their Spring/Summer 2016 clothing line and what does it entail?... You guessed it! More tribal wear! I'm flattered these brands are interested in the culture and things we naturally wore as people;but to sell it back to us as if it something new? I understand/appreciate the level of creativity that went into these process,but if this doesn't make people of color start their own business idk what would.

Don't feed into the hype people! Create your own or support others who sell something similar within your community. Trade your dollars with those you support and are like minded. Disclaimer:Article isn't to bash but to bring awareness of the culture we live in when it comes to trends,culture and money exchange. 

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