Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Creative Tuesday: BLK+NOIR

Finally I have found the long searched for necklace! The Scarab Bettle (dung beetle)!This gold plated piece was found via Blk + Noir Etsy site. While her other pieces can be found via her personal site.A custom jewelry online shop with a cosmic vibe. Now to explain my fascination with this bug.
The Scarab Bettle aka (dung beetle)!A bug that rolls dung in a big ball and fertilizes it into the ground to help soil do its job in the world. It's because of this little critter you have plants and veggies etc.Sounds nasty? Ancient Kemet Beings knew this role and was aware of its power to renew the
 ground to brings forth new things. No these were not worshiped but they understood it represented #rebirth of #consciousness , change or new beginning. Not knowing; this was the name my #husband gave to me and I laughed it off and accepted it.  Not knowing this new name plays a part into my life and how realized I've continuously go through a changes and consciousness. When I wear this necklace it's not to worship these things but symbolism of my path thus far reminder of my past.

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