Wednesday, March 25, 2015

YUM YUM/Lettuce Wrap Fail

On a Sunday, wondering what to make before honey goes to work; I go to Pinterest. A place where I get all my cooking ideas. After of being indecisive I thought , what the heck I'll just make lettuce wraps. So I gather my lettuce ( I should've gotten cabbage). Cooked my veggies and I was ready to put it together.

As I tried to fold the lettuce it started to break, ohk... so I decided to just place the veggies on the lettuce. I should've just left it like that. But oh nooo ; I just like to complicate things . I didn't like the way it looked (although it tasted good) so I just added tomato sauce and cheese basically making my dish non- healthy.
Next time I'll just keep it simple , get cabbage then fill with veggies then pour my ginger sauce on it. Could've been so simple lol. Oh well hubby ate it, so it served its purpose. 
Has there been a time you over analyzed a dish you were preparing? 

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