Monday, February 16, 2015


This new track isn't just a new track from Kendrick but its a heavy hitter combustion of  real lyricism. If you pay attention enough you will hear the heavy truth being dropped. "You hate me don't you? You hate my people, your plan is to terminate my culture"  This line in my opinion refers to white supremacy. (i know some of you may get upset at that line) Truth is the goal is to keep moor/melanite (black) people dumb with tv shows, materials and other non beneficial things.
 Realistically people like to think us having history of living in villages and etc made us "uncivilized" no it was a community; we where one . Now a days we have the sister and the brother destroying each other. This was not our original culture. We now get fast food 7 days a week when we used get all of our needs from the wild and knew how to cook it up. Man I can go all day with this topic. Needless to say basically. Im telling you melanite know thyself , and teach thyself and be. 
Anyway listen below.

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