Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Eminem Presents: Road To Slaughter

Battle rap has become popular again finally! Maybe I'm late but since URL Smack started hosting rap battles just about every week; battle rap has been taken more seriously. The venue for real rappers with real lines to come up is mainstream. No I'm not talking about people in the streets on the corner just rapping.Theres venues, sponsors, video production included in this. That's how big it is. 

So big Eminem decided to take a couple of the well-known street rappers such as Loaded Lux, Math Hoffa and T.Rex to move into a house to go line to line with others. They are judged by Joe Budden and others members of Eminems SlaughterHouse on their flow. The first 2 episodes has gotten my attention and I will be watching . Good job Eminem good job. Check out the first 2 episodes online below or catch it on tv on FUSE TV   on Weds. 12 am EST/11PM CT/ 9PM PT.

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