Monday, June 30, 2014

What Is Happiness?

I had a talk with my boss the other discussing my future.  Within 2-3yrs I am going to settle down and focus on a family, I said.
He countered me with the response. "You have a long time to think about a family just focus on a career."
People, I ask you. Why is having a career more important than a family? Yes a career or form of job is helpful for the progression of a household but does it come first? Does it give you happiness?  What is happiness? 
Is Happiness the materials gained from a career or job? Or is happiness having peace, living well, tranquility, spirituality and etc?
As humans we are meant to live simple and not have worries. We are to reap the benefits of the land and love well.
My happiness isn't in a job but the peace in my life, in my home. Owning things .The tranquility of seeing nature sprout. The spirituality of connecting with the most high, myself. To be one. To have children. Not wanting worthless desires. Progressing in life with my family.Breathing clean air.
We can't sit and be slaves when we as people are so much more. We as people are remarkable beings not meant to sit behind desks for hours , but to live free.
People redefine your defination of happiness not what western society tells you is happiness.

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Anonymous said...

That's true, happiness is not found in a job. It's not found in any material things we can buy on earth because when we die we can't take a single THING with us. Having peace with God is the ultimate happiness and storing up our treasures in Heaven is much more important than any so called treasure we can buy down here on earth. And it is true that family is a lot more important than material things...when you decide to bring your children into this world, you will be bringing a living soul into existence that will live eternally in either Heaven or Hell after his/her journey in this life is over...God gives us an awesome responsibility to bring them up to love and know Him; doesn't mean that we can save them ourselves, but we can get them started on the right path and pray for their salvation until they decide to follow Jesus or not. :-)

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