Thursday, May 22, 2014

Skin Bleaching My Skin

From Kindergarten I wanted my skin bleached to be seen as beautiful. From an infant ezcema had developed on my skin.  So bad it seemed as if I didnt have eye brows.
After itching my skin off I had discolaration and light and dark pigmentation on my legs and arms. It took me moving to the south to the ezcema to leave but the discoloration stayed.

I dealt with not liking and hiding my skin for years fear of what others may say and think. I just wanted to bleach it to have regular skin like everyone else. Having lighter skin was always better  in my eyes.
Fast forward to now... I may have imperections on my legs and arms but it gave the condfidence to push through the thoughts in my head telling myself I wasn't beautiful.  Now I am confident to wear outfits revealing my legs; its apart of me. Im proud of it . I am a beautiful woman who had once had low self-esteem because of it. Not no more. No one can't tell me nothing.
Watch below of skin bleaching in Jamaica and why they do it.

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