Friday, May 30, 2014

Native Spirit Collaboration Released

After weeks of dedication of putting together a collaboration of creatives the Native Spirit Project is finished.
Produced by a native spirit; Dondre Green (photographer,musican)
You can feel the fresh content in the music, interviews and the presentation.
This project introduced us to creatives who have serious talent who has passion for what they do. Musicians such as "The Deep End", 2D Art work by Zeek Nwizu, videos by sameoldkev (tumblr),and art direction from Leo Gonzalez made this project come to life.

These people came together and created a a organic inspirational experience. I thank them for that and the hard work shown. It inspired me.
Experience the NS Project at plus the tracks at
By the way really check out the video for "Beneath The Surface" I promised I watched it numerous times.

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