Friday, August 30, 2013

My Creative Rut

    It has been centuries since I have blogged and I apologize for leaving yall hanging like that. It feels weird putting my fingers to the keyboard after been away for a while. Well let me catch you up on what has been going on with me. I started a new job and left my retailing job that I couldn't stand. Once I started my new job in back in June I had started falling off going to events, blogging, and taking pictures. All because I had the idea that I can't make a living off of this and I need to take a safer route and go into the healthcare field.

So I started to focus on getting back into school and working. Then I came to a hump in the road and couldn't get into school at that point my mind was racing because my peers are half way through college and I only completed a year like what the heck!!! Plus on top of that my car wouldn't work and it sat in the driveway for months until  I came up with the money to repair it. So money was heavily on my mind.

After hard prayer I got a job and it took 1k to fix my car and it's running now. Thank God!
While tryna get money working; my cousin from New York visited me. He is a graphic designer and in his field. Him visiting me made me realized how much drive I had for blogging and the whole creative aspect of things and he  inspired me. It was like a spark was ignited in me. I thank God for him cause I needed that. 

That being said I'm back blogging and need dust off my keyboard and get the writing because there is inspiration to be given. 

Thanks to my cousin Dondre Green. Love You!!! 
Check out his work and the photos he took of me. 

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