Thursday, July 4, 2013

Being Mary Jane

This past Tuesday on BET a special presentation movie aired titled "Being Mary Jane". The story of a successful African American woman who is a  TV news anchor who also tries to juggle family, work and love her  life.
Gabrielle Union was the main character. Any role I see her in she is always playing a strong woman who stands her ground. The movie title made more sense as I watched the movie. The name "Mary Jane" is someone who plays things by the book, tends to be proper...for the most part perfect.

Watching the movie I visioned  myself in her position  although I'm just 20 yrs old lol. I try to do things the right and logical way. I've made some mistakes when it comes to dating and family is important to me.
The movie had a couple of hahas such as the  facebook message scene, and "freshening up" before male company comes over. Towards the end she does something shocking and at that point I knew this movie wasn't just a "special" but is set to be a tv show if the movie does good. I certainly will be watching this series.

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