Friday, February 22, 2013

Kimora? On Tv Again?

My past sunday night guilty pleasure (Real Housewives of Atlanta) went off and I scrolled to see what else was on and behold a Kimora series was on. My thought was " the networks are still airing her old show? Although the show was old;I'd like to see it every once and again because it was an inspirational show when it aired. Then I discovered it was a new show which recently aired January 23rd called Kimora:House Of Fab. When was the promo for this show!Because I surely didn't see it.

First off I wasn't aware she is president of I had seen the commericials often and it's always popping up on my computer but I had no clue.The show has a unique humor for an reality show. It takes place in the JustFab office in California and takes you inside the and tasks and situations of some employees , This show is inspirational to me and has been set to my DVR. Catch the show Weds. @ 9pm. 

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