Thursday, February 21, 2013


It's interesting to me how most people ,including myself cling to music with no substance. Hey,what can I say it's an attention grabber with hooks and beats that are produced.But what about inspirational music that makes you think? That being said Miguel's new video caught my attention how he went a different route this time with his choice of song (which is normally a love song). His song is more about awareness of situations average americans go through today. 
Also Kandi Burgess from Real Housewives of Atlanta recently came out with collaboration with Gospel's well known; Marvin Sapp. The song grabbed many viewers attention because Kandi is known as a worldly artist. I thought the same; like ohk she is really going to do a gospel song?..Is r&b not working? I was even surprised Sapp agreed to the song. After listening to the song I found it decent. It wasn't a "church" like I thought it was going to be. See Miquel's "Candles In The Sun"and Kandi's "Stay Prayer Up" video below.

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