Monday, February 18, 2013

Interview/Sydney Nicole

Welcome to a new week everyone! To start off the week is an Interview with an Atlanta Stylist named Sydney Nicole. She is an assistant of celebrity stylist MiddleMan Fresh but this girl has dreams of her own. Her ambition and faith in Christ has bought her to where she is today and further. After witnessing how inspirational and determined she is I knew I wanted to interview her. Dive in to get to know Sydney and her work on this interview on LYFE. 

LYFE:Who is Sydney Nicole?

Sydney:-I am a go getter, a hard worker, a God fearing woman, a wardrobe stylist, a visionary.I am everything God created me to be in this life.

LYFE:How did you get your start into fashion? 
-Sydney:Modeling gave me my start with fashion. I like to say that my test shoot for Vibe Magazine was the first day of the rest of my life.  That is when great things began to happen for me in the fashion world, I base it solely off of the people that I met and my resources.

LYFE:Why fashion? 
Sydney:I am not great with words, at all.  I find myself to be very shy, though I am the most extroverted person anyone could ever meet.  Fashion helps me express my thoughts, my perspective, my feelings.  Everything that has a word to describe it, I let fashion speak in its place.

LYFE:What is a day like for you?

Sydney:A day for me is HECTIC! I start my day with prayer and meditation I then check my e-mails, if time is available I may make me some breakfast which is rare but when I can I take full advantage.  I then go to the showroom; Studio 11 where I am the assistant to a celebrity stylist there we meet and consult with clients, book jobs, etc if we don’t have a job to do already.  After my work has been done at the showroom I focus on my own personal projects. I check my e-mails one final time I pray then prepare myself for another day.  I can’t say my days are all the same due to the fact that things come up, schedules change, etc. It seems like a lot, well it is a lot but I love it.

LYFE:What keeps you encouraged in your career? 
Sydney:Prayer definitely but I keep myself encouraged, my family keeps me encouraged as well as my team.

LYFE:Does styling pay well? What do you say to those who beg to differ?
Sydney:Styling does pay well, very well.  I’m not a June Ambrose, Rachel Zoe, or Brad Goreski, YET,  but for those who differ it’s all in what lane you are in, your connections and so on and so forth.  There are so many different aspects in styling and they all pay differently. So it all depends on what aspect you’ve tapped in to.

LYFE:Recently there is a hype about The Spotlight Fashion Show. Tell us about it. Did you put this idea together? 
Sydney:Spotlight is the love of my life.  I did come up with the idea and vision of it.  It focuses on every emerging talent that has enough ambition and drive and is willing to do what it takes to get to the next level.  It is very refreshing for others to see and understand your vision and I would say that is definitely where the hype itself is coming from, others believing and seeing the vision.  I am blessed to say that I have an amazing team that has been with me through this entire process.

LYFE:How important is it to have a team of people supporting you? 
Sydney:It is very important to have a support system.  There is nothing you can do alone especially when it comes to breaking into a certain industry. You can become discouraged, be pressed to give up, and so on and so forth.  Support is everything that anyone needs whether it’s for a big or small reason, support is necessary.

LYFE:What is your advice for those who want to break into the fashion scene here in Atlanta?
Sydney:My advice to those who are trying to break into the industry is to just be you.  Don’t transform in something that you are not, just to be accepted.  Practice humility, the moment you think you know it all you will never be able to teach.  Listen more than you speak and teach yourself, there is only so much that school can teach you when it comes to fashion. Network, push for internships remain consistent and relevant.

LYFE:Is there an encouraging quote you live by?
Sydney:“Not my will but thy will be done” and “Keep God first and you will never be last”  I say that daily and about 50 times a day.  I have great plans for myself but knowing that Gods plans are greater is what helps me to keep pushing. I know that nothing can last without a solid foundation so keeping GOD first is solid and very promising.

LYFE:Other than styling what business venture would you like to get into?
Sydney:I would like to; let me rephrase that, I am going to write a book starting this summer, I am also branding a fashion team “Style Warriors” starting a online shoe boutique and a production company.  I want to be well rounded so sticking my hand in everything is definitely what I want to do.

LYFE:What is your goal within the next 2years?
Sydney:My goal within the next 2 years is to just to continue building my brand as Sydney Nicole, getting people to know me for nothing other than Sydney Nicole.  Starting and building onto brands and businesses.  Traveling, gracing the cover of international fashion magazines with my work, being featured in Magazines across the world, etc.  Just being everything that I know I can be ….. GREAT!

Thank You Sydney for doing an interview with LYFE. Be sure to follow her via twitter and her site.

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