Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Ruby Sparks

 Happy NEW YEAR!  Have you watched any good movies lately?  Well I have been amercing myself with movies these past few days. There's a movie that grew on me from the simple preview. It's called "Ruby Sparks" for some reason I'm always drawn to type of movies that are considered indie or are light and airy. I don't know how to explain for example  movies like are "500 Days Of Summer" and "The Art Of Getting By" are like that.
    Anyway back to the movie the story is a writer who creates a character of his imagination and out of nowhere she comes to life...whoa weird right? The movie slick made me made want to cry towards the end. It's definitely a movie to watch if your into that kind of movies. I just want to start a collection of movies that inspires me. Consider watching it kay? 

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